If we recall the words of wisdom taught to us about machines and manpower, they depict the illustrative use of technology more merely. Digging into the three approaches of learning; namely man-to-man, machine-to-machine, and man-to-machine, we would then implement the digitization process with ease. Unknowingly, we entered 2020 with a devastating virus, and just like a technological glitch, it has worn-out our lives upside down. The Epidemic turned into global Pandemic, and we entered into the catastrophic situation. Covid-19 took a toll worldwide, and the normal life was endangered. Businesses, trades, many other workplaces and even personal life started to decline at a rapid pace. But often gloomy days bring a brighter side in disguise. This crisis made technology a life-saving mantra for the local population; especially for the technological companies.





The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. From telecommunication and typography to broadcasting and information processing. From pharmaceutical industries to military applications. We are using technology to the core. 




When we are swinging in the pandemic pendulum, the technological roadmap has reached its pinnacle point and benefitted many companies associated with it. The world is crushing around, and if we look at the charts of new cases, it is a serious life-threatening situation. No one wants to look outside the world which is battling with unsecured weapons. Amid this, if we are having the chance to look at the bigger screens while sitting at our homes, then it is a sure-shot winning thought. 


As per recent reports, Amazon hired 1,000,000 new staffs online and showed extensive growth in their businesses. Not to forget Netflix, which has shown the growth of 66% downloads in Italy itself. Talking about iOs and Android, they showed growth by 20% and 14% respectively. The largest messaging application Whatsapp got involved in more than double traffic volumes. The master of the windows, Microsoft ascended with 44 million users per week; a rise by 37%. Millions of people under lockdown are turning to digital means to survive Covid-19. These numeric values are legit proof that we all are surrounded by a webbed network for our benefits. This Pandemic has driven the digital world onto a higher level. Because of this, technology is pivoting at its speed and all the companies which are associated with it, be it small or large are on the triumphant side. 





This crisis is gigantic and social distancing being considered as the new norm, face-to-face situations and hand-shaken protocols are replaced by virtual handshakes and video conference parameters. From QR codes and scanning to cashless online payments. From buying groceries online and learning with the digitised means. Our life is now mediated by digital technologies. Starting from March 2020, we all have adopted this as a bandwagon. Despite economic downfall and mental exertions, if we look at the wider side, it has only made progress. Now, we can work according to our needs with comfort. The same laptop secured with the important data but with a new home desk. This stopped time has made our practical approaches simpler. From expenses to savings. We have seen diversity in our thinking patterns, and our hands are now honed towards the technological media. 


In the span of more than five months, we have seen numerous victorious scenarios. 







This lockdown has resulted in the closing of schools and universities, and because of this students switched to the online platform procedures. Their regular pen-register attendance has now turned into the online appearances on a zoom call, and the one big factor that binds all these aspects together is technology. Though five months back, our basic learning pattern was different as it included educational ERP software in the schools and universities and basic textbook knowledge. But this Pandemic has taught that we cannot twiddle our thumb and wait for the storm to pass. When the Internet world is offering its best services, we can take advantage of it. The wider area network has now become a tailwind, and it is engaging the audience for better upliftment. 


People are learning online and growing behind their laptops and mobile screens. From learning a new recipe to learn something about web development. From teaching online to attending virtual conferences. This online platform bug has positively stung the human brain. Be it entertainment or swot, individuals are relying on this technological set up to perceive the best they can. They are getting involved with the online proceedings which are securing their smart moves. 


The recent statistics show that India’s greenhorn ed-tech sectors will now touch 3.5 billion$ growth by 2022. Byju; one of the ed-tech startup has raised over $500 million since the start of 2020. Unacademy has shown a massive jump in its revenue as well; raises $150 M led by Soft Bank at $1.45 B valuations. 

These explosive successes have shown a positive side and are still entwining around our lives. 





Business brands are burgeoning at its peak by getting involved in website design and development. During the days when schools and colleges are shut down and educational software are not executed thoroughly, amid this, many educational IT services are offering website designs for their institutions and other corporate sectors to showcase their brand online with precise advertising and appropriate proposition. With this approach, these companies are providing consumers with better techniques to enhance their business brand and are involving them in receiving successful rewards for reach and insights. 


In the times where one practical move can change the game of your business, website development companies have surely taken the upright position. They are not only supporting the small scale businesses but also assisting large scale brands in massive promotions. Any individual with a business can opt for a website, and it surely can magnify their trademark subtly. A college website is known for its infrastructure and academic activities. With wide-open eyes in front of your laptops and MacBooks, we look for the opportunities through a website. The educational and other corporate sectors webpage is now offering 24x7 online services. Monotonous telephonic enquiries are replaced by instant messaging tools, and quick email responses have turned out to bring more customers in the web circle. We are now digitally dependent for our future chores. When in crucial times, templates and brochures are no more than a paper, a website tool amid this brings more information. Businessmen are digitally present to give their customers what they need. 


As per the survey, people are learning web development to earn. Until things go back to the normal, website development companies has come under the category of profit which is a virtual treat. 





Going back to the time when we witnessed the first ‘Janta Curfew’, followed by ’21-days-lockdown’ and ‘9-hours-9 minutes candle lighting.’ During this time, there was an 87% lead seen in social media usage. The ferocity of the digital media observed a huge jump amid this crisis. Many tech-associated companies witnessed massive growth. This technological protocol did not only bought people together but also resolved their confusions. From job searches to attending zoom-call meetings. We all got bounded with this technological advancement. 


If you look at the numeric reports by Datareportal, 4.57 billion people around the world use the Internet. The global Internet traffic has reported a growth of as much as 30% this year. 

People are spending more time on the Internet not only for fun but to learn something new. Zoom app, Google-duo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, these are not just the names, but they hold a unique identity for themselves which is benefiting larger set of audiences. Not only millennials or adults, but older age people and kids are also involved in this booming venture. As newspaper sales declined, people switched to online apps for reading and sharing news. As per resources, Inshorts news application got 10 million users in six months. Another successful news app, Dailyhunt (now goes local; former Newshunt) claims to offer more than 250,000 fresh pieces of news and content articles every day in 14 languages. 


This digital awakening is none less than a beacon of hope that is offering its best services worldwide. 




Online scrolling became more productive with some applications. From checking COVID-19 symptoms to learn additional information about it. From online gaming to e-learning. The development of new apps has changed the course of surfing the Internet. 

One such refined and the latest app is ‘Aarogya Setu’, developed by the Government of India. It is developed to further get information about the spread of corona and its symptoms. The database gives an idea of people affected by it at a particular location. It is a classic example of a perfect balance between science and technology. Another example is Umang app, developed by the Ministry of Electronics and It (Meity) and National e-Governance Division. 


The usage of new apps is at its peak, and this Pandemic has shown positive aspects for app-development companies. As per the report by Tech media and Telecom trend, the impact of this crisis on IT services will be deep, immediate, and long-lasting. Despite the potential upside, there is little optimism for IT services. The broadband network is now a new perspective and remote working is the new normal. These adaptive changes are winning the digital game. 





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The question of what will happen next is bursting many bubbles, and people are accepting the technological trend. Just like the algorithm of Instagram and Facebook is changing, in the same manner, the algorithm of normal working days are also changing. We are moving to the wider side of the technology without any interruption. We are now entering into the digital phase and are replacing face-to-face contact with technical ways. 

This Pandemic has surely seen a downfall in many businesses, but tech-associated links are strongly driving the digital brand ahead.