If we take a step back and look at the base of the past decade, the Internet world was like the eye of a newborn child. The peer networks, broadband connections, transmissions, and signals were just another catchphrases used in a fancy manner. But with time, the world wide web has stretched its arms, and its most important sword is ‘Digital Marketing.’


Talking about cashless payments or enjoying an entertaining video on Youtube. Learning something innovative with the online education portals or promoting a product of your brand via social networking platforms, our lives are connected with the digital world. In today’s time, online marketing plays a crucial role in scaling one’s business further. Be it, well-established business professionals or novice entrepreneurs. Every man Jack of them has tried its hands on this vital tool.





Gone the days when buying and selling were other words used in a trade. The exchange process is now connected to the bigger chains of the network. Any form of marketing that involves the advertising of one’s business, product or service through digital channels is referred to as Digital Marketing.





With many smart approaches and strong digital network, online means of marketing is upgrading at its pace. Doing a Google search for a holiday destination and seeing relevant examples while scrolling through your social media is one of the means of this online algorithm. Digital Marketing helps to improve the brand in a better and advanced way.



Moreover, if you have a product to sale or a business label to promote, you can blazon it across the length and breadth of online platforms. It includes a strong grip over social media handles, e-mails, numerous mobile applications, IT consulting, online advertising, e-marketing, press agentry, media hype, public relations or bigfoot on website design and web development.


Undoubtedly, it is taking a strong lead in the world of wires. Promoting one’s brand via technology is the smartest approach of this new tech- world. And with advancements and novel manoeuvrings, Digital marketing is surmounting at its height.





‘Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets the planning.’


One can surely try their hands with the most important tool that the Internet offers, i.e. planning and marketing the business via big screens. As per the GOOGLE SEARCH STATISTICS, 2020, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, and 46% of product search begin on Google.


A successful Digital Marketing campaign involves many spheres altogether! Following all the tips step-by-step can help in improving the sales as well as building a networking community with your target audience.

These steps will be an adjunct to augment your brand further.





‘You should know about WHAT and WHY? HOW and WHEN will be taken care of!’


Do you have the idea and want to promote it online?

Do you want to work on content marketing or native advertising? Do you want your website to rank in top 10 Google searches?

Do you want your application software to create a milestone?


Do you want followers, likes, comments and a sustainable reach for your business?


If the above-asked questions are rattling in your head, then now is the time to take action. Any business needs a base or a foundation block to reach the heights. From defining the labels to stretch out its importance, before advertising your business further, you should be clear with the main objective.


You should set the goal for your business to track its speed. From collecting all the information to scroll the ideas to implement it, any business; be it large or small, should be clear with the goal. An idea is incomplete without an appropriate plan. For a successful campaign, make a plan and set that goal forward for its future implementation. Thinking about a million followers will not make you reach toward your end goal. You have to be precise with Brand Awareness. Supposedly, you are about to start a make-up brand online. At first, you will Google search about the awareness of that brand among the consumers. Then you will look out for the competitors and the brand value. Brand awareness makes you connect with the product and the audience. After the acknowledgement with the product, you need to make a strong grip on the market place and audience in a better way.





Select your consumer. Select the price. Sell it out with ease.’


After setting the goal, connect the dots from the audience to the market. Your established blueprint will act as a catalyst in finding your niche market and help in subtly tracking your audience. There are the different audience for different types of brand. As per statistics, genders and age-groups play an important role. For example, any smartphone accessory or a technical gadget would be popular among the youth. Any medical device would be beneficial for old-age people. In the majority, women opt for beauty products to purchase them online. Hence, you should be clear with your specific audience to sell your product accordingly.


Your selected idea will help in analyzing and evaluating it better. This is one of the vital steps of the digital marketing campaign. This step will decide that your brand will bolster it further or not.




‘Reasonable, Representational, and Rational.’


While downloading a game, ever encountered with an advertisement? Read down below to know the basics of that.


After knowing about your niche and insights into the market place, take one step ahead for a successful digital marketing campaign, and that is making a website and indulge in the statistics and analysis. As per the report by Graffiti, “75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company's credibility based on the company's website.” Many companies offer website development and design. Take the help of those companies and form an appropriate website for your business. Remember, the design and content of the website also play a crucial part. “It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.”


After the establishment of your website, engage in content building. This includes blogs, articles and social media posts. This is not easy at it looks. You have to be familiar with the keyword research and other factors that will help in curating the successful content for your business. Firstly, for a blog or article, the suggested word limit is 500-600 words. But some reports suggest that longer the content, longer it will make the reader stick on the page. Also, if writing longer content, segregate in paragraphs for better readability. The recommended fonts are ‘Calibri’, ‘Georgia’ and ‘Arial.’ The recommended font size is 14,16 or 18. Also, to your amaze, Red and Blue colours are more used than black.


After content establishment, work on analysis and make your number game strong. From appropriate reach, insights to search engine marketing and search engine optimisation, for top-notch results, work on every factor in every suitable way possible. Search engine optimisation takes more than five months to build, hence, in initial times, opt for social media marketing; includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,


Snapchat, Pinterest, Google My Business, email marketing, Content Marketing, Pay per click advertising, online advertising which excludes pay per click.


As per the report by Our Social Times, the one who has promoted his/her brand, has received 86% engagement by Social Media Marketing, 71% by Content Marketing, 66% by Search Engine Optimisation, 25% by Pay per click advertising and 16% by online advertising excluding pay per click. These factors have shown the positive outcome for the business to flourish it forward.



‘Nothing great comes without an investment.’


The most important step for every remunerative campaign is ‘investment.’ After successfully establishing all the factors, decide and set your budget accordingly. As per your analysis and target audience, decide your price.

For example, if you want to reach 4-5 crore benchmark audience, you cannot set 10 lakhs of the budget for this. For a wider audience, enhance your budget further.

For starting, opt for paid promotion option on Facebook and Instagram. Also, promote your social media posts by paying via E-commerce. Cost per click, keyword/domain are also helpful in this.



Your budget and specific measures associated with it play a crucial role in boosting your business forward. Your investment plan would be confetti of one side to the specific measure like social media handles and other marketing tools of another side that balances each other.




“Growth is a spiral process. Rearrange and reaccess accordingly!”



After being open to the wider audience behind the big virtual screen in a global online market place, re-access the strategies. From confirmation to tracking, re-evaluate the decisions, and rebuild the already established network with newer perspectives. And never forget that remarketing is always an open option.





For a beneficial campaign, these steps will help in building a booming staircase for your business. To be precise, choose your channel, manage your profile, yearn your brand, define the budget, determine the period, monitor it, sell it, and reaccess it.


Follow this chain in building a successful digital marketing campaign.